Gem of the Moment

uey2❥ Gem of Wisdom:
“Indeed each individual has to experience being self-sufficient and self-reliant. As the same time partnering up and having the awareness that one is always supported by life.  On the path of self-realization, one must remove the limitation of having to do it all alone. Part of the journey may entail self-sufficiency and other part may require help in removing blind-spots as well as receiving helping hand.

In a way, the limiting belief of “I have to do it on my own” points to a lack of trust issue. Not feeling safe enough to open up and be vulnerable to expose oneself. Or not showing the ‘weakness’ to another. Yet in the acceptance and vulnerability there is strength and potential for depth of healing and greater evolution. No person is an island. Everyone and everything is beautifully interconnected. There is vast network of energy and people who will compassionate be of help to empower you. This is the a healthy way to live while knowing how truly supported you are by all of life. ” ~::❥::~ Dipali

image source: giving thanks to the photographer
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