Is Smudging and Space Energy Clearing Helpful?

2jjeleYes. Smudging is helpful on a regular basis to help keep the space energetically clear and humming so to speak. Also, many indigenous people all over the world and churches as well as temples use a form of smudging in rituals, sacred ceremonies and to purify and clear energy from a space as well as a part of a blessing ritual. There is value in keeping yourself, your home and or business vibrationally clear.

Smudging begins with a clear powerful intention and then clearing each corner and crevice of any room, house or location. Within the intention, you ask Divine/God and or Universe to help you to cleanse and purify yourself, the room or space in all corners on all levels. Some sage bundles have a strong smell. Palo Santo wood sticks have a more wood earthy smell just for reference. You may use pure incense sticks yet they will not have the same potency.

Some people prefer not to smell a strong herb or woodsy smell or are allergic. There is an alternative.  In an In-depth Space Clearing Session, I do not need to use any Sage or Palo-Santo.  It is done through other skills and is equally effective. That is one benefit of using this type of session for a business or even a home.

Smudging helps with dispersing and clearing away dense stagnant energy (heavy or off-balance). What creates dense energy in a room or space? Depression, unresolved emotions, arguments, conflicts, heavy stress, anxiety or tension, others coming into your home with the above, outside workers who are working in your home for remodeling or difficulty with employees and so forth.

Sluggish or discordant energies in a space really impact the flow of energy, health and well-being as well as impact clarity and the ability to be effective with tasks or projects. Therefore it is highly beneficial to keep the space “vibrationally clear” as much as possible. Try not to obsesses, rather, it’s like washing dishes or vacuuming the carpet – its part of regular maintenance.

Smudging is as burning a bundle of white Sage, Palo Santo wood stick or herbs of some kind (using a fire-proof bowl or dish) to help the purification or healing properties of the herb(s) to be in the room or environment. You can do this outside on your deck or patio as well as garage. It is both the intent and the heart-felt action combined with the properties of the herb(s) that work in harmony to restore balance and sense of energetic lightness.

Follow these easy steps:

1.) Set a clear intention and prayer.
2.) Open windows a little bit for air circulation
3.) Then take the Bundle of Sage or Palo Santo stick smoke out each room, area or section.
4.) Be through with the smudging, take your time and hold the clear intention within your heart.
5.) Afterwards take notice as to how the room or space feels to you for future reference.
6.) Regular practice of this keeps the energetic space clear and harmonious.

Anytime is a good time to do some clearing of space done and to usher out the accumulated negativity dust bunnies and fearful or discordant energies. During Full Moon or New Moons in the lunar cycle can also be supportive.

If you do not know how to smudge or really prefer not to learn or from time to time, you may be not fully able to “clear” the space through regular smudging. Your energy may feel exhausted or depleted or you may be a part of what is generating heavy dense energy within the home or business.

This is where you would need an outside person who would be able to provide an “in-depth energetic clearing” to your room, home or business.

In-depth Space Clearing Session:
If you don’t know how to do “Space Clearing” or want someone reliable to provide this service in a more in-depth or through way, you are welcome to SCHEDULE SPACE CLEARING SESSION with DIPALI  it can be done long distance and is still equally, powerfully, effective. She does offer local space clearing in the New Jersey area. Inquire for more info. Email me to set that up or ask more questions about the session.

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