Rejuvenate All of You – Your Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body

Daily life can be hectic and full of concerns and even trigger many fears. Too much stress tends to age a person faster than normal, not to mention create an imbalance in the physical body as well as affect other areas of life. From time to time it is wise to rejuvenate all of you – at each level Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body.
Dipali is a Spiritual Healer or works with energy medicine which helps people go into deeper layers of their energetic field or aura and body.

An Energy Balancing Session or Distant Healing Session is a wonderful catalyst for the rejuvenation and helps a person shift into a quiet meditation space – naturally. Client’s have often drifted into a quiet meditative space within while the session happens.

~ Each Healing session is unique to fit each client’s specific needs per session.

When having an Energy Balancing  and Healing session at the Cherry Hill Office, the client remains fully clothed (without shoes) in light cotton comfortable clean clothing and socks while resting on a massage table.

For Distance Healing, the client is in their own environment resting on a bed or sitting on a chair as well.

Dipali and the client speak for about 5 minutes at the start of the session and then the work is done pretty much in silence and guided her intuition and non-physical energy healing team. All the work is done for the highest good of the person for their Soul path and higher purpose. Dipali creates and holds a higher vibrational space for the Client for the healing to occur, as a healer she facilitates the process.

Dipali begins to work on a Client with a combination of Energy work, acupressure points and tuning forks (if you are at the Cherry Hill Office). Like a musical instrument, our bodies need the adjustments and alignment. Sometimes she sits quietly and does the work without using any other tools except energetic ones while the client is fully relaxing in mediation or resting. At times she may do the energy/healing work from a few inches or foot away from the physical body.

The work happens on a few different levels of a person; energetic (or non-visible), emotional, mental, Spiritual, vibrational as well as physical points in the body. It works to bring greater harmony and balance to the energy centers (known as chakras).  It is relaxing and very rejuvenating.

The Energy Balancing and Distant Healing Session helps support a person moving through;

  • major life transition
  • health /wellness
  • love relationships
  • expanding love and joy
  • divorce
  • grief/loss
  • job change
  • relationship
  • creativity
  • self-love
  • self-worth issues
  • and others.
  • For some people, it may be unhealthy energetic cords that need to be dissolved with a relationship or a situation that has been unhealthy or toxic. This can be done upon request.

All the Client needs to do is set an intention with Dipali and then be immersed in relaxation. The Session helps to break up stuck energy from stress, worry and future worries. The session is scheduled after a brief consultation.

When using Tuning Forks, during a Energy Balancing Session at the Cherry Hill Office, it is slightly different from an actual therapeutic massage or acupuncture. There are no oils nor needles involved. We still work with the energy pathways in the body known as meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We open up stuck spots so increase circulation and energy flow can support the body in healing and feeling renewed as well as increase of vitality and rejuvenation. The Energy Balancing Session is the perfect solution as it provides the rejuvenation in a unique way since it combines a few different things.

There is tremendous benefit of purchasing a Series of 2-3 Healing Sessions helps move the stuck energy and issue out quicker. You receive support through the process and may notice more lasting results. It also provides the Client a different type of support than just 1 session. A single session may be used for preventative while a Series of treatments helps with more deeper or really stagnant issues and energy.

She offers the soothing and rejuvenating meditation type Healing Session(s) at her Cherry Hill Office. And as Distance Healing Session for those living anywhere in the world.

Call Dipali’s Office for a 10 minute Free Consultation by Phone to see if the Energy Balancing or Distant Healing energy work and session is for you.

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