Touching the Earth

Dmk2Importance of Grounding from a Higher Perspective – We are energetic beings and at various points on our journey on the earth we need to allow the higher energy streaming into our energetic field touch the earth. Similar to our feet need to touch the Earth so we are able to bring ideas or seed inspirations into physical reality.

In our daily life, we need to ground a “live wire” otherwise someone will get zapped or electrocuted. Similarly we ground our electrical wires and devices which enables excess energy to leave the item, object or system. Then if you go and touch the device, you do not get electrocuted or potentially become shocked.

Think about a time where you are very chaotic and how there was excess energy coursing through your body and energetic field with no real way of draining the excess. It may have felt like you were pulsating like a live wire without real grounding. Therefore it is easy to become high strung, snap at someone, become highly irritable and enraged even. It’s like shock waves occur to someone who came into conversation or contact with you. It’s not pleasant nor comfortable for anyone.

The value or importance for being in the body and grounded on the Earth:

When we are fully in the body or embodied and grounded we feel a solid steady connection to and upon the Earth. The excess energy within our energetic system will empty out and we feel clear, calmer and strong. Grounding is a vital part of working as a conscious evolving individual and working with our energetic system. You are able to be fully present, focused and concentrate on the task at hand as well as follow through on agreements and reach the goals intended. Being grounded and touching the Earth also helps the excess chatter within the mind to quiet down and extra nervous tension in the nervous system to clear out. Grounding is a part of experiencing deeper connection Spiritually to all that is alive and happening in the moment. With touching the earth and being in the body, one is able to be fully attentive, receptive and aware in the moment.

Signal for being ungrounded or feet not touching the Earth:

The physical body is a wonderful gauge and can provide wisdom. When we are not fully embodied or grounded, energy and attention becomes scattered, spacey, no patience for details or overlook them altogether, unable to concentrate or focus properly, lack of awareness of surroundings or situations, misplace items or papers and often make mistakes. This signals to a person, they simply are not present and in the body. We seek refuge in the intangible and remain there, building castles in the sky instead on the Earth.

Crystals and Minerals:
While crystals and minerals offer support to become grounded and stabilized, it is best to learn and experience how to do this on your own. This helps you become independent and empowered rather than being dependent on the stone or external object to help you. As your energetic field becomes more coherent the crystal, gemstone and mineral’s energy (depending on the quality of the stone) will help “enhance” your energy.

Being in Nature:
A simple way to touch the Earth and become grounded is being in Nature. Whether it is gardening, cleaning the yard, taking a walk, hiking, sitting on a hill or whatever you are drawn to – being in Nature does wonders and helps a person instantly and powerfully. Even if you are tired, being in Nature is a wonderful remedy and all natural medicine to rejuvenate and feel grounded and present in the body. It is helpful to set a clear intention before beginning so your energy follows the pure intent clearly.

The Spiritual Path:
As a Spiritual Seeker, if you do a lot of meditation or ascension work, light body or activation – grounding is a must! If there is increased higher energy then equally there must be grounding. And remember to go beyond the concept or idea or word of ‘grounded’ and really FEEL the body, being in the body, down to the feet touching the Earth. The sensation in the body is the signal and remember that the body does not lie. Bring the concept into manifestation through experience and sensations. The real Spiritual Seeker or Warrior will use wisdom and know the value of being in the body and grounding the Spiritual energy upon the Earth through direct experience.


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