“Anahata” the Heart Chakra/Energy Center

The ‘Anahata’ Heart Chakra or Energy center when open and flowing with beautiful energy in the energetic system evokes happiness, love, compassion and allows for both receiving and expressing love as well as feeling the “joy for life.”

Each energy center (chakra) is important and a part of a whole energy system. However for the purpose of this article, the focus will be on the heart energy center.

The Heart Energy Center/Chakra is the bridge between the Spiritual and Physical dimensions. This energy center is crucial therefore its optimal functioning is essential to love, happiness and the joy of living.

When the Spiritual insights that need to be understood from this energy center are ignored or neglected and compile over time, the energy center becomes weakened, off-balance or stays down therefore optimal function is not possible. Slowly but surely the off-balance energy trickles into the mental, emotional and finally physical body and thus concentrates around the physical heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, shoulder blades, arms and so forth.

Love becomes a far distance experience as does the joy for living life. Some people enter a new intimate relationship with this energy center barely functioning or completely inhibited for years. So how can one experience the joy of a new relationship in a lasting way? How can emotional intimacy for self or others be genuinely felt?  Individuals often refer to the stagnant heart energy center as a ‘heavy heart’, ‘broken heart,’ ‘depressed’, ‘grief stricken,’  ‘frozen or numb emotions,’ or ‘a complete emotional shut down which is a block.’ This is very real on an energetic level. It can be carried this way for a whole lifetime, few years or short while through a life transition.

Having this energy center be weighed down or not functioning at optimal levels is due to various issues, patterns situations both past and present life. What is unresolved carries forth within cellular memory (within the cells in the physical body) and thus that conditioning interferes and plays out in present time in a repeated way. Unhealthy patterns and “lack of love or joy” and can be energetically passed along to future generations through children.

Even if a person wants to love, they come across the unhealthy barrier that has been created out of fear, pain, limiting beliefs or anxiety (or a combination). They are unable to access more love or to be able to receive love from others. So the person pulls back and stays stuck within the  feeling deflated and unhappy within themselves or easily projects these unresolved emotions and pain at other people, life and at God/Divine.

When the Heart energy center is not at its optimal (both front and the back energy centers) there is little or no compassion, sensitivity, empathy and forgiveness for self and others. It is a very depleted state to be living within. Life feels bleak, depressing, sad, irritable all of the time. Medication will only help so far.

As with any energetic imbalances, it may over time influence the physical body since the energy body and physical body are interconnected. At times, this contributes to energetic stuff hanging in or around the lungs creating breathing issues such as asthma, heart-related issues, bronchial issues and so forth. It feels heavy, weighed down and noticeable lack of joy for living. Left unchecked over time, it becomes chronic both physically and emotionally.

Through a private Energy Balancing/Distance Healing with Dipali, working with this energy center both front and back (yes there are two parts to the heart chakra) and assisting your overall energetic field is possible. When you are in the thick of things, you may not be able to shift the energy no matter what you do, this when a Master Energy Healer is helpful. Dipali assists in facilitating the energetic field of energy which supports your own Body’s Natural Healing Response to activate during the session thus it does what it needs to to heal and restore harmony within.

From Dipali’s perspective, modern medicine and energy healing compliment one another. There is a time where each serves its purpose. Ultimately, the body’s wisdom knows how to restore balance and thus in those instances a person may be able to (under the supervision of a medical doctor) be slowly taken off the medicine as a possibility.

Sometimes it is the stuck or stagnate energy is someone else’s pain, sadness or fear that is absorbed and you are not able to clear the energy within your own energetic field. It can aggravate your own to the extent that you are in a constant state of confusion or wanting to numb out the sensations being experienced because you are overly saturated. You may have traces, small or large of the similar pain, sadness or fear and this added layer weighs you down without you realizing it.

At times, a series of sessions are required to get your energy field and the Heart energy center moving and flowing. This may be determined in advance. For others, they may choose the fast track and find themselves on a healing wave to assist their evolution and healing.

With some Spiritual and healing perspectives blended with practical wisdom there is a way to ‘lighten and invigorate’ the Anahata Heart Chakra. With gentleness and compassion there is a way to lift out of the old patterns around emotional intimacy and love and shift into new experiences.

As the Heart Energy Center flows at its optimal, great joy for life is experienced as well as the ability to love, be compassionate, gentle and kind towards self and others. If you are looking for a lightness within the heart, this is one area that may require your love the most. Will you act on it?

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