Healing Meditation in South Jersey

If you ever wanted to experience deep state of meditation, relaxation and micro-energy healing, “Healing Meditation” is a wonderful way to sample all three with Dipali. When you are in a deeper state of relaxation and stillness, the physical body is able to restore and re-balance itself. This regular class with Dipali is held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at least once a month. You don’t even need to know much about meditation to receive the benefits.

Nervous tension, stress, emotional confusion has the potential to clear away during the unique energetic space Dipali creates for the group of participants. It’s like “Soul Spa Treatment” soothing from the inside out.

New to meditation or energy healing?

No worries. Dipali will guide you through the process and also facilitate a space for a general mini energy balancing based on a theme per month. Advance payment serves as registration required as seating is limited.

This type of meditation is wonderful for all levels of meditation and energy healing.

Anyone may benefit by attending. Some people who would benefit from attending are: caretakers, therapists, counselors, teachers, those who have difficulty sleeping, those who are going through major life transitions.

*Meditation and Energy Healing/Balancing compliments traditional conventional medicine.

Required: an open mind/heart, those seeking to create a daily Spiritual practice. Those open to Self-development and growth, self-discovery, self-realization, Spirituality, Consciousness, Energy healing, Metaphysics.

March 21st, 2017 – at 7:00 pm EST
in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for:

“Stop the Self-Blame

Details and to REGISTER NOW on Dipali’s Main Website (directions given upon registration)

Unable to attend in person? Join the ONLINE Classes and ONLINE Healing Meditation via Webcast


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