Bringing Forth the Message

You may have prayed for or asked for guidance or a message regarding something really important to you. And when it comes or what is said may not always be what the ego or mind expects to or wants to hear. It may even press that hot button and set you off. It is with purpose though. It is to help you really receive the valuable guidance within the message.

But first the debris has to be cleared away and thus helping you snap out of a trance repeat zone that the ego and mind your trapped in. It’s like smelling pure peppermint essential oil, it is a wake up call.  It makes you want to pay attention and really be attentive to what’s going on.

From my perspective, we are always given the message we need to hear that will best help our growth, healing, evolution and life in some way. By keeping one’s mind and heart open, life is able to fully bring you in touch with the beauty and goodness in life.

I’ve brought through countless messages during private sessions, classes and events for people over the years. What remains constant is the love and empowerment that lifts a person to clarity in that moment or perhaps at a later time. Sometimes the message activates a ‘light’ or awareness that will grow over time and when the person is ready to really get it – they realize the value of the message given weeks or months or years ago.

Sometimes the message triggers a series of activations before it can get to the heart and core of the person. To take this one step further, the message that presents itself with its potent Spiritual Energy within it, wisely and loving will potentially sweep things out of the way within the person until the pathway is clear and the person is able to digest the message and receive the precious gem of insight or awareness through the guidance presented.

I fully trust in the Spiritual Energy I work with, I have seen the beauty and gifts that it brings for people in the moment and later or when it is the best moment for them to wake up to the light or awareness  or healing of the message that has been brought forth.

Another thing to bear in mind, if a person keeps asking the same question in the same way with the same mind-set, the Universe brings forth the same guidance as long as it takes for the person to get it. The Universe is efficient and knows better or what the person needs and where they are in their life and evolution. If a person asks a different question then there is a dynamic expression of new guidance that comes forth.

The message can be very simple and clear or it can be like a living piece of artwork. It can be for one person or a group of people. It can reach into Ancestral lineage, move back  through space and time or it can be concentrated in present time. It brings the individual into the “now moment” instead of living in the past or lost in the future. As an observer, I’m often amazed at how the Universe and the Spiritual energy works. It is a humbling experience to be a conduit for the guidance and message to flow through me for another person or people.

When a person feels guided to have a session, attend a class or event with me, it is the Universal energy guiding them to me. The person usually is seeking to go to a higher level with things and to return to the love they are. Before and during each session, I tune into a multitude of dimensions and energies to bring forth the message and guidance that is required.

It is a highly sophisticated process that I take part in, yet it is worthwhile to bring forth high quality guidance for people. I always set the space for the message and guidance be each person’s highest good and path. I implicitly trust in the higher guidance I receive for the person no matter what issue or topic they bring. I know that what unfolds will ultimately help the person and their life.

From my experience and work with people, the message comes through on many levels yet it will be tailored to the person’s needs and energy configuration. A message may be heard, felt, seen, experienced and silently transmitted.Universal or higher Spiritual energy works on many levels at the same time. Time and time again, we never receive anything more than we can handle. This one way that Divine Grace in action.

It is a blessing to be able to bring forth the message and guidance as it is to receive it.

Through One to One Personal Guidance Session with Dipali, the session can be tailored towards any topic here are a few examples:

  • Astrology Consultations
  • Akashic Records, Soul Path Reading
  • Spiritual Intuitive Guidance
  • Energy Healing and Balancing [read more]
  • Past Life, Present Life
  • Love and Intimacy
  • and more…

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