Monthly Meditation Class – Gathering in South Jersey

Restore Balance and Harmony from the Inside Out.

The next monthly meditation in 2018 is held on:  January 2nd, January 18th, February 6th, 2018 and more…

Meditation class/ gathering in South Jersey with Dipali Desai. It is a perfect way to stay balanced, pamper yourself and renewed throughout the year. This is a Guided Meditation Gathering that people at various levels of meditation may attend. How can Meditation Help You? Meditation is a ancient therapeutic practice. Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a effective, safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Meditation been practiced for thousands of years all over the world and has great value. More and more doctors, therapists and practitioners promote the benefits of meditation to cure many stress-related illnesses. We will be sitting in chairs for the meditation and there are people who are various levels of meditation in attendance.

  • Loosen the grip of stress
  • Increase the body’s natural capacity to heal and store balance
  • Quiet down the mind’s endless chatter
  • Increase your creativity, clarity of mind and peacefulness
  • Helps with sleep

The ongoing Monthly Meditation  is held the 1st Tuesday evening of each month depending on interest. This class tends to fill up quickly to register in advance. As we gather together the whole group benefits from higher healing energies which supports our overall spiritual growth and well-being on many levels. Come with an open mind and heart and receive nurturing, guidance and support

How to Prepare and What to Bring: Information given upon registration.

Prerequisite – Yes.  It is strongly suggested to have 1 Private Instruction in Meditation Class before attending this class.

This is not a regular “stress reduction only” type of meditation class. We delve more fully into the experience of meditation for expanding self-awareness, deep spacious relaxation and tuning into the one’s energetic field. — Please speak with Dipali before signing up to see if this class is for you. Contact her through her contact page on her website. Thank you.

Advance Payment reserves your space. VISIT DIPALI’S MAIN WEBSITE


SEATING IS LIMITED – BRING A LOVED ONE *24 Hour Cancellation Policy is in effect once Confirmation is sent.


What’s the first step for beginners?
Attend a private instruction (or sign up for a package) for beginning steps for meditation practice. Then sign up for the ongoing Monthly Meditation Class which occurs in a public setting.

Prefer to have Private Instruction for Meditation? If being in a public group setting is something you prefer not to do, or feel uncomfortable with then consider scheduling a One to One “Private Instruction for Meditation.” This type of class may offer you what you need….. [More information] VISIT DIPALI’S MAIN WEBSITE