Consultations with Dipali

‘One to One Personal Guidance’  with Dipali Desai

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Get insight into questions your most pressing questions about yourself and life during a One to One with Dipali. She will bring through Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance and provide practical wisdom for your highest good and empowerment. She is also a Spiritual/ Energy healer who with energy medicine for those looking for healing.

Here are few samples of Sessions and Readings  you can book with Dipali

  • Medium-ship Reading //Spiritual-Psychic Medium
  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Reading
  • Astrology Consultation
  • Energy Healing & Balancing
  • Akashic Records
  • Past Life/Present Life Reading
  • Relationship Guidance
  • Conscious Parenting & Children’s Potential
  • Space Clearing

Contact Dipali through her Office at 1 (856) 229-7411 to schedule or for questions on which session would be best for you.

Visit Dipali’s Main Website or Services page for complete details on scheduling appointment, policies, and more.

  • Your Session with Dipali can explore many areas in your life; self-discovery
    spirituality and spiritual awakening
    health, wellness, healing, energy balancing
    relationships of all kinds
    love and intimacy
    family and family dynamics
    business and career
    money and finances
    dream interpretation symbolism
    life purpose and path
    messages from loved ones who have crossed over (ancestral messages) – mediumship
    emotional healing
    past lives
    chakra healing and balancing
    conscious pregnancy and after birth
    transforming limiting beliefs
  • and other topics

Stunningly accurate guidance that will empower you.” —  feedback from a client and student. You will receive clear guidance and exploration into matters that are most important to you.

Dipali works with people from all walks of life around the world. The guidance is very similar to what you read on this Blog or the Website:  Find out: [Read People’s Experiences]

In each session:

* Acknowledge your real or authentic self
* Discover your innate strengths, weaknesses and gifts
* Navigate current cycles of opportunities, healing and challenges
* Deepen your awareness of current relationship processes
* Offers confirmation
* Gives direction during cycles of confusion or transition in life

During a Session: A dialogue is encouraged, as this opens the gateway towards greater revelations in key areas of interest. You are invited to ask questions related to the nature of life, challenges and any personal issues in any area of your life and self – you may have. Information and Guidance is infused with practical wisdom and insight is given to empower you.

Use Dipali’s Online Booking System to Schedule a One to One Consultation by Phone, SKYPE or in Dipali’s Cherry Hill Office.


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24 hr Cancellation Policy, Confidentiality, How to Set up, Fees, Payment Options, Method of Consultation [visit Dipali’s website: www.spheresofessence]

Use Dipali’s Online Booking System to Schedule   a One to One Consultation

Schedule the appointment by Phone, SKYPE or in Dipali’s Cherry Hill Office if you live locally.


Looking for an Instant Guidance Appointment?

Use the Ether Call Button option.
If Dipali is logged in and the ether call button says she’s available then you can have instant appointment.  Be sure to follow the prompts via ether. Begin the appointment at 15 minutes and go to the desired length you choose.  (15 minutes is the minimum to begin with.)

— What is the ETHER CALL BUTTON?   Read more information on Dipali’s Website