Ancestral Messages/Mediumship

Messages from the Other Side of the Veil”  – One  to One Session with Dipali

As a part of my work, I do offer communications with loves ones who have crossed over to the other side of the Veil. Whether it is a friend, animal companion or loved one. For those loved ones who are family, love and messages arrive in the perfect way for each person during a session. I feel honored to be a bridge between worlds, to bring through words of comfort and the love that still exists after death. Life does not end as we leave the physical body.

And the other side of the Veil now is really not that far off. Yet, those who are sensitive to other subtle dimensions can help those in search and need of comfort. Energy never dies, only transforms itself. So life continues after death and so can your relationship to your loved one(s) including animal companions (pets). Fear dissipates when we know we can still remain close to our loves ones who pass through the transition called death. I’ve had the honor of helping many people and being a part of the healing journey.

I’m a cutting-edge spiritual medium, blending the ancient and modern ways of sharing messages from Soul to Soul – from loves ones on the Other Side of the Veil and the Ancestors. I bring through evidential information and tend to pick up personality traits of the loved one, but I also tune into their Soul and so the messages flow in with a great love and wisdom.

I’m a natural-born medium. I can hear telepathically, see, taste, smell and feel, all of my higher perception senses are open. Before the reading, a day or so I sit in quietly in meditation and begin to receive guidance streaming for the client or people.

There is so much that goes on and at times I feel at a loss of words to describe it, so I would rather encourage you to experience the session itself. What I can say is, the genuine experience of having a communication with a loved one (human or animal companion) who as crossed the veil is a rich and beautiful thing — for all involved.

There is a sense of healing, understanding and comfort that transcends words and logic. The realm of the Heart and its wisdom gives proof here, plus evidential pieces of information flows in. I provide high quality and valuable session for those seeking to have closure or bring a conscious connection to loved one(s) on the Other Side of the Veil.

– Basics

Be Open: At times, the exact loved one, friend or animal companion simply does not step forth for the connection on that day and time. Connecting to the other side is more sophisticated process than dialing a phone number and speaking with the loved one. Therefore, it is best to remain open minded and free of expectations.

What you will receive is: Message from a loved one that creates the strongest connection on that day/time and wishes to share information or resolve something with you. Certainly it can be the loved one you wish to connect with. It is possible that more than one person will step forward to make the connection. Though it may not be the exact loved one you are expecting to hear from, the message they share is always appropriate for you at that moment in your life.

Also in a session, there is  wonderful spiritual guidance, healing energy and support in ways you don’t expect. That’s the beauty of the Spiritual dimension and our session… we receive a spiritual gift no matter if you spoke to the specific loved one or not.

In this type of session: I simply open up and request it and allow the Universe to work it’s magic.  When I tune in during this type of reading and the connection occurs to the loved one, it may be a flowing and easy conversation. Similar to talking to a friend, though I will bring through the message that is the strongest and then you may ask what you would like to.

Each experience is so unique and deeply fulfilling. People have left a session; crying, laughing and everything in between. Be open to the Universe and it’s love. This session is equally effective long distance as it is at My Office face to face. Since energy is not bound by space and time, my connection is instant and clear for both local and distant sessions.

Your energy plays a big role: If you are shut off, extremely skeptical, in total resistance or use too much logic to analyze you will miss the main experience and messages given forth.  A person’s energy being shut down or blocked will influence the clarity of the energetic connection with the loved one.

What Clients say about having a session with Dipali:

“She is so spot on, the information and insights are stunningly accurate.”

“Dipali has a gentle yet direct style in conveying the message which I love. It helped me to get to the heart of the matter without further delay. Where I felt stuck, the message and symbol she brought through helped me to heal and make changes. I’m so grateful to have had a session with her. I will be having another session soon.”

“I wish I would have discovered Dipali sooner. I needed so bad to let the grief of my mother’s passing go and heal but couldn’t do it alone. I was afraid to feel and to see what was beyond. The session plus the message I received from my loved one through Dipali supported me in just the right way. The session was so valuable. Thank you Dipali! ”

“The specific loved one I wanted to speak with did not come through. I was not disappointed, but rather stayed open like she suggests. I was amazed to hear a message from another relative instead. It lead me on an incredible journey and I found I received what I needed –regardless of who said it! Wow!

“Dipali brought through a nickname that I called my adopted mother. No one else knew of it. At at that moment, I knew Dipali’s gift and skill was the real deal. She is as authentic as they get.”

“My grandfather came through with a message for me and some guidance on my life path. It is who I wanted to speak with in the session.  Then Dipali  felt the presence of my sweet dog that died too. She brought a message from my dog too. I got double the gift that day! It brought such tears to my eyes and I felt a deep wave of healing go through me. It was a relief and I could finally move forward in my life.”


It is recommended that if you Schedule a Reading   “Loved Ones Who have Crossed Over – Mediumship” — please come with an open mind and heart.

–Private Sessions are available for: 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours, as this gives enough time to cover questions or areas of concern.


—Group readings: A private gallery style event is held at Dipali’s Office Suite in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This is a wonderful way for a Private Gathering (Gallery Style) to be experienced and it is cost effective too.


~ Visit  Dipali’s Main website for more information about her. Or you may Email Dipali with questions about scheduling or the session itself.

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