Intuitive Guidance/Reading

Intuitive Guidance/Reading with Dipali

Dipali brings through clear stunningly accurate Intuitive Spiritual Guidance during a session. (She is a naturally gifted Intuitive, Spiritual clairvoyant medium  and Master Energy Healerread her Bio). Her main website:

The reading is rich and in-depth as there are layers to the experience. To experience this type of session is the best way to see the value of it. Ultimately, she delivers the information and guidance in a direct compassionate and non-judgmental way. The suggestions are down to earth and full of wisdom. [read full description on Dipali’s MAIN WEBSITE –]

  • If you are going through major life changes and need some clarity, support….
  • Or would like some insight about yourself, life or relationships or matters of the heart….
  • Would like guidance on fresh new possibilities….

Then a reading with Dipali is valuable and beneficial. She tunes into your energetic field and requests higher guidance to present what you need most. You will receive what is empowering and best for you in alignment with your highest potential.  You are welcome to brings your questions/focus/concerns to the session.

Clear trauma and pain   ::   Bring clarity where there is confusion   ::   Shift in perspective to help you see life as it is   ::  Integrate knowledge in a grounded way into your daily life.



Simple guidelines:
– Must be 18 years and over
– No alcohol prior to the session this helps maintain the integrity of the energy of the reading

  • Strongly recommended
  • Length of session for NEW Clients: 90 minutes
  • Minimum of 1 Hour session required.

Location: by Phone (client calls Dipali) // SKYPE (audio only) // at Dipali’s Office in Cherry Hill, NJ

Prefer to pay by cash? Exact Cash Payment Option is available for those making face to face appointments in Cherry Hill, NJ ONLY. Exact Payment is due upon arrival at the Office in Cherry Hill, NJ. Cancellation Fee applies once session is scheduled and confirmed.

For One to One Personal Guidance/Reading with Dipali:
BOOK THIS SESSION NOW  using Dipali’s Online Booking System


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