In the simplest way to describe enlightenment; Enlightenment is liberation from the past conditioning and the egoic mind (also known as the false identity). It helps the seeker or individual to be free to experience a greater reality and allow one to express their Soul potential. Yet enlightenment is one fraction of the journey. It is not the end point like some believe it is on the Spiritual path.

There are many many more stages and sub-levels of evolution. Enlightenment is the beginning since it debugs the mind from faulty perceptions, false beliefs and other skewed concepts. We also must experience the enlightened heart, that of higher vibration of feeling and this also occurs with transmission of Enlightenment. It is best not to be overly attached to or over analyze the concept of Enlightenment. Rather, feel into and have a direct experience of the emanation of the loving energy that is transmitted. It is like a beacon to those who are receptive.

When transmission of Enlightenment enters a person’s body, it clears the way — and I mean deep, expansive and every nook and cranny gets purified and cleansed. It prepares the physical body and other bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic) to contain or run more life-force energy as well as expanding Love Consciousness. Enlightenment is so much more than a concept, good idea, fantasy or a figment of the intellectual mind. It is outside the limitations of the mind. The Transmission is the ‘inner teacher’ guide and is Spiritual light. This highly intelligent, refined and wise energy guides the way for the Spiritual Seeker.

Being in this expanded awareness or no-mind state is the natural state. It is as if it is an ongoing Meditative state without any agenda or goal. It is strong, vulnerable and yet very healing. One must prepare properly to be within the energy field of the Enlightenment Energy as there may be detox, cleansing and a lighter peaceful feeling after.

In this clear open space, you are receiving from Soul/Consciousness clear guidance, the psychic senses have naturally awakened, as well as increasing one’s capacity to have more life-force energy running through the entire energetic system. Even the heart-center is has blossomed for new energetic petals open and expand one’s capacity to experience higher states of bliss, compassion and love. Being in an open expanded state, feeling grounded and strong in the body and feeling the interconnectedness of all of Life and the Cosmos ongoing… is one flavor of enlightenment.

I am a conduit, a channel for transmission of Enlightenment. I’ve experienced the joy and awakening and thereby open for it to be the catalyst for others through me. Through my private consultations, writings and teachings, this sacred energy infuses and a potent touch of light and the expansive feeling of love is activated within the reader, participant and seeker. I feel blessed to be able to share with those searching and seeking.

Wishing you the best,

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